Daniel Roser - Piano
Christian Moser - Oud, Percussion
Francis Petter - Clarinets

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When the Ensemble was founded, Erik Satie's piano compisitions formed the basis for the collaboration of the three musicians. Structures along the lines of Satie were transcended into an own and unique style; thus, elements of great contrast are grouped together, a harmonisation that is freed from the classical rules stands in the service of the melody, and medieval as well as oriental scales are recognisable in composition and improvisation.

The oud (arab lute) originates from another musical tradition than the piano or the bass clarinet. Erikunddu unites these contrasts in unfamiliar soundscapes; sharp contrasts on the one hand and wafting synchronicity on the other hand. The distant coincides in dreamlike ways; different eras and places, languages and traditions. The music oscillates between lavish soundscapes and an intimate narrative style, between mysticism and burlesque.